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Trigenics Myoneural Medecine is a revolutionary neuromanual assessment and treatment system. It is a safe and non-forceful technique used by our chiropractors which...

Trigenics is different from manual treatments such as traditional chiropractic, massage, and physiotherapy in that Trigenics combines functional neurology with manual medicine. For this reason, Trigenics is referred to as “the missing element” of total-body care.

Results often come in less time and last longer than traditional treatment, as activation of specific neurological reflexes produces dramatic pain-relief and healing. Also, Trigenics is gentle enough of a technique that it can be applied to sensitive areas such as the neck and jaw, and can be used on both elderly patients and infants.

The 3 main components are referred to as the “Trigenics triad”, which consist of

Reflex Neurology

Manipulation Of Nerve Receptors/Sensors

Biofeedback Breathing

To do this, Trigenics treatment system incorporates a gentle synergistic combination of contemporary western and ancient eastern medicine techniques with recent advances in functional neurology.

The 3 techniques of the Trigenics triad are applied simultaneously for a synergistic effect on the nervous system which rests the brain and body communication pathways. With Trigenics your nervous system is treated to reset the way your brain communicates with your body, which includes the muscles and organ systems. Patients are interactive participants in the treatment process rather than passive recipients of care.