COVID-19 Clinic Protocol


Hygiene, cleaning and disinfection



Modify staff areas and  work flow

DO NOT COME TO WORK if you think you are sick. Zero tolerance for this issue.

All staff meetings will now be held on Zoom at a mutually agreed time.

Staggered work times AM/PM have been implemented for RMT’s; DC’s are offset time-wise as well. RMT’s are on the 20 min rotation with 60 min massages only offered, except at the beginning or the end of the day, as long as it doesn’t interfere with another practitioners timing. RMT’s are doing 5 treatments back to back with no break in order to limit time in the clinic. This limits interaction in the office and breaks as well.

Most treatment rooms are the exclusive use of one practitioner as much as possible and each practitioner has the use of one room for their entire shift.

Each practitioner has his or her own tablet/computer to chart on/use.

High ceilings (13”) and increased forced air increases ventilation and decreases “closeness” of airflow.

Modify staff areas and  work flow

Days have been given to allow for only 4 practitioners at a time in the office. Higher flow practitioners (DC) are offset and only share Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as co-working days. Tuesday is a 5-practitioner day and extra staff are on to help with flow and cleaning.

Staggered appointments as per above.

Covid screening form is online and is to be completed before entering the office. If not completed, time is taken from patient appointment to complete.

All scheduling can be completed online, intake forms are sent via email and completed at home and are available for the practitioner’s use prior to the appointment. Minimizes the front desk contact as much as possible.

Communication regarding Covid modifications be made available on the website.

Reception/Waiting area  

Provision of Health Services/Documentation/Training