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 FIH have collectively over 55 years (!) of experience in health care. Patients and clients have raved about our services – here are some examples! This wide variety of experiences may surprise you and perhaps stimulate you to refer your friends and family to the clinic for some of the following testimonial conditions.

Testimonials for Dr. Linda Drake, Chiropractor

Testimonials for
Dr. Linda Drake, Chiropractor

Three nights and almost no sleep. Headache and a strange pain that started in my jaw and spread all over the neck and inside my ears. Even hard to describe. During a business trip Dr. Linda Drake was doing here in Playa Del Carmen, at some point I was hard to hide and I shared my discomfort with her. Dr. Drake kindly offered me a quick treatment to help me. In less than an hour session, she was able to release all the stress I was feeling and worked in other points in my back that I could ever thought could be related to my pain. The relief was immediate! At this same night I could sleep well again and no sign of the pain I had in the past week. I’m incredibly grateful and impressed with her technique, knowledge and more important how relax she was able to make me feel during and after the session. Thank so much Dr. Drake. You are really amazing.
Jana Simon
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
March 12, 2018
While Bill and I were on holiday in Playa del Carmen, we met Zdenek and his wife Dagmar from Boston. It was apparent right away that something catastrophic had happened to him as he was limping, had many scars on his legs and could not straighten his right knee. I asked him what had happened and he told me that he had fallen off a roof 3 stories to the ground, fractured his leg and pelvis in several places and was in very serious condition. This happened over 5 years ago, and as a result of this injury, he had been in an out of hospital many times for surgery on his leg, but alsoother related problems. He had had a very rough go for many years andthis injury had impacted his own general contracting company very severely. I worked on him, just with the myofascial percussor and my hands for twohours one morning and then again the following morning before they left for the airport. This is what he said when he emailed me several weeks later: "I want to thank you first for what you did for me – for how much better I am feeling now ! My legs do not feel like concrete and I am walking so much better and with much less pain. Thanks to you! You are an amazing person. Every time I am walking I think about you what you did in four hours of work on my body. I spend hours and hours in physical therapy and I did not have a result like you did in hotel room. One more time - THANK YOU!! As you suggested we are walking with walking poles and they have really helped with stopping the limp. I am moving again like I never thought I would."
Zdenek Kucera
March 2018

Testimonials for Dr. Aleem Remtulla, Chiropractor

I first came to see Dr. Remtulla for back, hip, and wrist issues. Since the treatments, I've noticed multiple improvements such as decrease in pain in my back and hips, and much less tingling in my wrists and hands. The treatments last and each one builds on the previous ones. My experience with more traditional chiropractors has been that I would go out of alignment again and again.
March 12, 2018
I've had a fantastic experience at this clinic with multiple practitioners. I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Aleem Remtulla on the chiropractic front, and with Alia for RMT work. The clinic is a warm and welcoming environment and the way they approach your whatever journey of health or healing you are on is built on sound foundations and addressing root causes.

Testimonials for Alia Ridley, Massage Therapist

Testimonials for
Alia Ridley, Massage Therapist

As a very active person (when I wasn’t sitting at a desk), I started seeing Alia for massage treatments a few years ago to help release the muscles in my legs and back. From the first appointment I was incredibly impressed with her professional and caring nature - she unquestionably wants the best for her patients and to this day the quality of treatment remains the best I’ve received. We have seen a marked difference in the tension I was previously holding and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a RMT.
Caitlin Jennings
I have been coming to see Ms. Ridley for 5 months after suffering a lower back injury. While waiting for an MRI and eventually surgery, my sessions with Ms. Ridley have been instrumental in reducing pain and maintaining my mental health. I find Ms. Ridley to be very personable, knowledgeable and incredibly kind. When I told her I was experiencing extreme nerve pain, Ms. Ridley went home and researched oils and aromatherapy that help alleviate nerve pain. I have continued my treatment with Ms. Ridley post op as well. She has been an integral part of my recovery and I cannot thank her enough. I would recommend Ms. Ridley to family, friends or anyone seeking a Registered Massage Therapist.
Rob H.

Testimonials for Bryce Adams, Massage Therapist

Testimonials for
Bryce Adams, Massage Therapist

Bryce Adams has been very beneficial and helpful to my recovery from my sports injuries. He is very thorough with his treatment plans, professional, respectful and really cares about his clients’ health and well-being. I would highly recommend to see him for treatment.
I have been receiving treatment from Bryce for a pulled shoulder muscle and found him to be on time, knowledgeable and professional. He has kept me informed of his treatment plan, working towards positive results. The injury has been resolved and I am very confident in his continued direction and plans for long term stability and physical health.

Testimonials for Isabel Da Silva RTCMP, Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Testimonials for
Isabel Da Silva RTCMP, Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Isabel is arguably one of the most talented and personable acupuncturists in the field! I have had the pleasure of receiving treatment from Isabel for a few years now, which has allowed me to regain mobility after several injuries. She really invests the time and energy in long term rehabilitation and alleviation of pain and discomfort from any issues you may have. She is not only talented in her craft, but also genuinely cares about the overall well being of her clients! I highly recommend Isabel to anybody seeking a talented and caring acupuncturist!
I have been seeing Isabel for the past year and a half, she is amazing at what she does, and I don't even like needles. I initially saw Isabel for neck pain, and after learning what else acupuncture can offer, I have continued to come back to explore all the other aspects she can treat. She also has a great social media presence where she provides explanations on different acupuncture/cupping treatments. 10/10 would recommend seeing Isabel.
Isabel is a caring and compassionate healer to say the very least. She listens to her patients and genuinely works in collaboration with them to give successful results. In the past my experience with acupuncturists have have been rushed and inauthentic but with Isabel this was not the case. She has successfully treated my digestion issues to shoulder and back pain throughout my journey with her these past 2 years. If you are looking for a natural medical professional that will collaborate with you, make you feel valued, important and see results she will satisfy your needs.
Isabel's care is like no other! She is extremely knowledgeable and educates you on any questions you may have. My job is very hard on my body especially my back and neck and seeing her for acupuncture treatment has helped tremendously and was always a instant relief with her! She is very passionate in what she does and very passionate in womens health which I absolutely love. I was hesitant trying accupunture and Isabel made me feel so comfortable! I cannot recommend Isabel enough!
I’ve never been to acupuncture prior to seeing Isabel and I can’t believe how much I was missing out. Isabel honestly changed my life for the better and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone I meet. I was struggling with many hormonal, mental and physical issues that I could never seem to balance on my own. Isabel was able to help treat and manage all of the horrible symptoms I was having. I honestly have never felt as good as I have after seeing Isabel consistently, My body has never felt so in sync. What I love about Isabel is that she listens and cares and does everything she can to help, it feels so nice to be heard and my symptoms were never brushed aside like I have experienced in the past. I recommend Isabel a million times over!
Isabel has been treating me for PMS and other menstrual related issues since 2018. Every time I leave my appointment I feel calmer and I attribute the improvement in my symptoms completely to her. She is consistent, driven, and passionate about her patients and her work. As a massage therapist, I value the integrity in other health care practitioners and therefore I have recommended all my clients to her.