Concussion Management

We treat Acute Concussions (recently acquired) to Post Concussion Syndrome (lingering concussion symptoms) for people of all ages and activity levels.

Due to our advanced concussion specific treatment and technology and our Concussion Management team, we are able to provide measurable steps to your Return to Work/Play/Sport. Concussion Management requires a team effort in order to address the many issues involved. We are able to provide you with the guidance and treatment to move you through the steps back to your normal life.

Retired Vancouver Canucks player Gary Valk (and his children) have had successful experiences with baseline testing and treatments at our facility


As you probably already know, a concussion (a.k.a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury) due to an impact to the head or other part of the body can cause damage to the brain, with or without loss of conciousness! If left untreated, these symptoms can become very difficult to manage on a day to day basis.

Such effects include…

No one intentionally leaves a traumatic brain injury untreated. Unfortunately for some, it’s hard to differentiate symptoms in the beginning from symptoms associated with whiplash, which is also common on the sporting field, in MVA and with slip and falls.

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As such, this further emphasises the importance having trained specialists assess you or your child after sustaining a concussion.

The best thing to do if you, your child or someone you care about experiences a concussion, is to book an assessment with one of our highly trained Concussion Team at The Foundation For Integrated Health.

Concussion  Treatment

Pre-concussion baseline testing

Pre season testing for at risk sports and work