As a precautionary measure due to escalating situation with the Covid-19 virus we are temporarily closing our office to keep everyone safe. We feel taking steps to self-isolate at this time is a prudent step for our community and the well being of our valued patients and staff.
We will be posting our ongoing situation on Facebook as well as the website and on the front page of your Jane sign up.
Please take this situation seriously as you could be a carrier for up to 2 weeks with no symptoms and infect a loved one.
Blessings to you all, we appreciate you, our patients and wish for a speedy resolution to this crisis.
Stay safe!

If you need to get in touch:

Linda Drake [email protected]
Bill Ridley [email protected]

The Foundation for Integrated Health

Thank you for visiting our website. We encourage you to "like" us on Facebook. We have some of the most experienced wellness experts on the North Shore servicing the Greater Vancouver communities. In practice as well as online, the Foundation for Integrated Health thrives for excellence through superior patient care and education. We are known for the ability to handle difficult cases using a variety of treatment options and by teaching patients how to maintain optimal health. Within our website you will find all types of health and wellness related information including information about our office and unique services. We hope you enjoy the information within and share it with others. Again, thank you for visiting and remember to come back often.

Yours in health,

Bill Ridley, Director

Please find us at our new location at the Lonsdale Quay Market! Suite 200, 123 Carrie Cates Court, N. Vancouver (for more information click on the directions, parking and map link to the left)

Lonsdale Quay Market is at the bottom of Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver. This is also where the Sea Bus leaves North Vancouver to downtown Vancouver. When inside the market, at the north end you will see a red elevator. Take the elevator to the second floor. Once at the second floor walk straight ahead down the hall and you will see our office at the end.

Rmt north Vancouver