Our Affliliates

Shy Practice

A community hub of health, wellness, and creative practices with one goal in mind: you. We offer mindful movement practices built and catered to your own uniqueness and create a specific plan to suit your needs. SHYpractice offers strength training, yoga, space for creative entrepreneurs, and more.

Evidence-Based  Strength Training Coaches

Strength is a skill. Practice moving well, then move often. We are two kinesiologists that grew up active, playing every sport we could. We’ve always had a passion for movement and are eager to educate and empower you to learn how to move well, get strong, and tackle whatever life throws at you.

As part of the SHYpractice community, we practice functional movement training with an emphasis on education and strength. Our favourite tool is the kettlebell. We want to get to know your story, so through an assessment, individualized programming, and homework, we will support you on your strength journey.