Baseline Testing

This is why it is essential for any responsible parent to have a Baseline Test performed on their child before they participate in any sport.

By having your child’s Baseline test done prior to their sport season, practitioners can now accurately determine that your child has made a full and complete recovery based on real data and not “just guessing” and avoid any long term sequelae

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What Is Baseline Testing And Why Does Your Child Need One?

Concussions are almost a certainty with any sport and immediate attention is necessary. Rest over the first 3-5 days is mandatory, but many end up in a dark room for weeks mainly because they have not consulted with trained Concussion Management health professionals.

In addition, due to the complex nature of concussions, medical complications may still occur even after the patient believes he or she has recovered. For example, many athletes are told to return to their sport based on a lack of symptoms for 2 weeks. In fact, scientific studies suggest that return to normal blood flow in the brain takes much longer! If you sustain another hit at this time, the consequences and return to function take MUCH longer and may have lifelong effects.