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Crystal Vera, RMT

Position: Registered Massage Therapist

I was born in Atlantic Canada and moved to British Columbia with my family as a teen. My first memory of recognizing massage as a healing practice was as a child watching my mother massage my Grandmother’s feet to sooth her when she was sick. Even at a young age, I could grasp the comfort that this care provided.

After graduating from West Coast College for Massage Therapy in 2016, curiosity compelled me to understand the link between how people move throughout the day and how they feel. I was intrigued by how the nuances of movement manifested in the body.

My practice began in 2017, at Broadway Physiotherapy and Wellness. Here, I gained experience working with all manner of injuries. However, I had a keen interest in gaining more experience in the perinatal realm. In 2018, Elizabeth Martin, Doula and RMT, hired me at Amethyst Healing on Vancouver Island. From her, I was encouraged to learn unique ways to assess and treat the female pelvis, including visceral manipulation for the uterus and bladder. I used my skills to facilitate support for women’s issues involving pelvic pain and conditions connected to inflammation and scar tissue. I returned to Vancouver to continue my practice at Therapy Health Studio, broadening my caseload to encompass perinatal, urban athletes, health care professionals, trades people, children, teens, seniors and desk workers. In 2022, I partnered with friend and colleague, Elizabeth Israel to open Paper Crane Massage Therapy. It was gratifying to help build a foundation for the clinic and watch the business grow.

My practice is further supported by courses involving breast massage, myofascial release, craniosacral and visceral manipulation.

I am thrilled to join the team at Foundation for Integrated Health, seeking a simplified life and an optimal work-life balance. Situated a short walk away from work, I eagerly anticipate becoming a part of the Lower Lonsdale community. With gratitude I look forward to becoming a part of a comprehensive health care team, dedicated to supporting our patient’s well-being. I use a patient centered, gentle approach to Massage Therapy. By encouraging mindful awareness, I guide patients to re-establish a mind-body connection.

During my free time, I enjoy a variety of activities including foraging, skateboarding, crafting, cycling, ocean swimming, snowboarding, sewing and observing the phases of the moon.