Patient Experience: Visceral Massage for Pelvic Health

The female pelvis is so incredibly unique. As women our monthly cycles keep us in a constant state of shifts and change. RMT Crystal Vera offers women the opportunity to bring awareness of the motility and mobility of our uterus, pelvic structures, ligaments and associated tissues by gently releasing areas of assessed restriction and working with fine tuned visceral manipulations of the uterus and bladder. Her goal is to assist your pelvic system into a better state of balance and ease.

Crystal’s grounded demeanour made me feel safe and comfortable to express my previous pelvic issues and I was met with nothing but kindness and compassion. After an assessment of my hip alignment, some palpation and a detailed overview about what to expect and the areas that would be our focus for treatment. The work began with me lying face up on the table, warm and comfortable (with some great music playing) while helping me find a position of most comfort before beginning the treatment. 

With confident hands landmarking where she would be focusing including consent and communication throughout- she began to intuitively feel for the outline of my uterus and bladder. All of the techniques she uses are external and above the pelvic bone so I could relax and just focus on my breath. Once she was confident where the direct work would be applied, she began gentle fascial unwinding techniques with her thumbs and fingers that didn’t elicit much discomfort. With that being said, you can definitely feel it is an intentional fascial treatment tool and not a massage. 

Once the fascial work and unwinding of restriction were reassessed and she was happy with the results, she then began to focus on releasing tight ligaments of the pelvis and even got into my iliacus muscle – known as a powerful (and stubborn) hip flexor that often gets overlooked as it’s tucked deep into the front of the hip.

The hour went by seemingly fast and after an awesome abdominal and low back massage, I got off the table and definitely felt a shift into a floaty, kinda “out of it” state. Crystal walked me through what she felt in the session and suggested home care including stretches and applying heat. She said it was important to note that following a session there was possibility for some tenderness, shifts of energy and noted that an emotional response can be triggered (good to know!). She reiterated that it’s important to be kind yourself and hold space for what may come up. 

In the days following, I did find myself processing some emotional stuff that felt like a positive release once it had passed. I had some mild tenderness and felt so aware of the areas that were opened. She suggests a follow up in 3 months to integrate the work. I’m looking forward to seeing what changes may be ahead and can’t wait to go back to reconnect and tune into my incredible pelvis again in 3 months! 

Crystal Vera has learned these techniques through RMT classes at the Bodhi Tree Learning Center. Here she developed her understanding of the implications of mobility of the uterus with additional focus to the bladder, bone structures and ligaments of the pelvis. It’s a powerful self-care tool to offer women an opportunity to take a more active, conscious role and approach in health and reproductive challenges they may face. 

Women may find this practice beneficial in helping treat discomfort and pain symptoms following abdominal trauma from birth, cesarean sections, painful periods, frequent UTIs, post-abdominal surgery, endometriosis, bladder incontinence, lower back pain, preparing for pregnancy and concerns of scar tissue from injury.

Please be advised that this modality may not be performed if there is an IUD currently in place.