Meet the Massage Therapists

Alia Ridley, RMT Massage therapy north Vancouver

Registered Massage Therapist

I believe having a healthy mind, body and soul is the best way to achieve optimal health and performance. The interconnected aspects of what makes us a complete healthy person ate often challenged by the everyday stressors in life.

Growing up I was introduced to various kinds of therapeutic modalities from chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy and the value of physical exercise in my life. All of my early experiences helped me in developing a sense of how a “whole body” attitude and natural healing improves and enhances my being both mentally and physically.

I became interested in massage therapy because I truly believe that it is a wonderful way to reconnect yourself to your body and decrease the stress and other physical ailments that life may be presenting to you. I have always had a passion for helping others and massage therapy has become a great outlet to help fulfill this passion.

After spending a year at Quest University in Squamish pursuing a liberal arts and sciences degree my interest in healing arts called out to me. This shift enabled me to realize that massage therapy would be a great profession for me. With this in mind, I decided to attend the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and graduated April, 2016. I will be writing my board exams in September 2016 for my Registered License.

I am very excited to begin my career and look forward to learning and furthering my skills as I work with my clients to enhance and assist them in improving their health and lives.

Alia Ridley

Madeleine (Mally) Westlake, RMT Massage therapy north Vancouver

Registered Massage Therapist

I am truly passionate about filling my life to the brim with passion, kindness and happiness. As it so happens, massage therapy fills those categories for me as a career in a very fulfilling and rewarding way.

I have been drawn to massage my entire life, though my deep interest in people and their health, and by means of my upbringing in a nurturing home on Vancouver Island. My mother introduced me to massage upon which it soon became a staple of our household that we’d trade (and still do) among the two of us. Once I had made this realization, the decision to pursue Massage Therapy as a career seemed natural and fitting.

After completing the 3000-hour program here in Vancouver and passing my board exams, I have been focusing on growing my practice and skills and am so thrilled to have found such a wonderful calling.

I truly enjoy working with each person I see to help them towards their personal health and wellness goals and I feel there is a strong connection between a thriving physical and mental well-being that massage therapy can help obtain.

My style of treatment tends to incorporate varying massage therapy techniques such as: trigger point therapy, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, stretches, and more, based on the patient’s goals, needs, and preferences. I also incorporate a slow and flowing type of Swedish massage of varying depth so as to assist with muscular relaxation and support a healthy nervous system. Prior to every treatment I do a careful assessment to create the best treatment plan and ensure personalized homecare advice post treatment that focuses on his or her specific needs.

I look forward to meeting and helping you towards your health, fitness and wellness goals in the future.

Madeleine (Mally)

Melanie Swithin-Jones, B.Sc., D.O. (Can), RMT Massage therapy north Vancouver

Doctor of Osteopathy, Registered Massage Therapist

Having been badly injured in a car accident when I was six years old, I am no stranger to ongoing and debilitating pain. As a young adult, I set out to find a drug-free way to manage pain reduction though a variety of available therapies. Eventually, I was introduced to Osteopathy that was,for me, the beginning of a new era in pain management.

After obtaining my Bachelors Degree in (Human) Biology, my interest in manual therapy continued to grow and I decided I wanted to help others the way I had been helped. I felt a much more rewarding career path beckoned and I pursued my studies in Osteopathy, gaining my D.O. in Montreal in 1999.

As the health field is constantly changing, I believe that practitioners should always be seeking to gain further knowledge. To this end, I have just completed my studies in massage therapy in my desire to add to my abilities. I will be writing my board exams in March 2018 and looking forward to being licensed in both disciplines.

Osteopathy and massage therapy are two modalities that interrelate very well with one another and this has given me, I believe, an even greater insight into effective and in-depth treatment, through manual therapy.

I utilize muscle energy techniques, and myofascial release to ease back, neck and joint problems. My main focus lies in Muscle Chains to further release structural or postural pathologies in a non-invasive manner. I also often incorporate elements of cranial therapy, aimed at readjusting the cranial sutures, along with visceral manipulation, designed to rebalance organ function, because I believe the body needs to function as a whole.

I am also certified in an Osteopathic Concussion protocol, which I look forward to incorporating into the Complete Concussion program that already exists at The Foundation for Integrated Health.

I am exciting to join the team here and look forward to helping you achieve your health goals.


Theresa Pasaluko, RMTMassage therapy north Vancouver

Registered Massage Therapist

Two of my life passions are yoga and music, both of which I have been practicing for many years. I decided to explore massage therapy in 2015 after having treatment for an injury of my own. I was very drawn to the creative element of composing flowing sequences, as well as being able to apply my love of movement, and the mind-body connection to create treatments centered around the individuality of each client. Upon learning in- depth, the practice of massage therapy, I fell even more in love with the anatomy and physiology of the human body and how naturally it aligned with my passions. I believe in providing a positive outlook, a calming nature and a
focused intention to facilitate the healing process so my clients may return to their daily activities, and improve their quality of life.

I graduated in 2018 from the Victoria, BC campus of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. I recently moved to North Vancouver, and am very excited to set up my practice and become part of the community.

I have gained valuable experience by treating a wide variety of patients with various conditions and pathologies, some of which include; shoulder impingement, muscle tension, tendonitis, scar release, adhesive capsulitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, sprains and strains, headaches, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, postural related concerns and reduced range of motion. I have had the opportunity to work with populations such as athletes, pregnancy and postpartum, as well as systemic and neurological conditions. The modalities for treatment with me may include; Swedish massage, joint mobilization, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, active stretching and breathing techniques. My treatment focus is meant to address the client’s primary area of concern while maintaining holistic approach for
overall well-being.

I look forward to meeting you and collaborating to create a treatment plan that will help you progress towards your health and wellness goals to help you live your best life.