Nutritional Testingmuscles

To identify what kind of nutrition the body is in need of, a form of biofeedback is used called muscle testing. Muscle testing is a direct connection with your brain and your own central computer, which understands you and controls every system in your body.

Every cell in our body is electrically charged and very organ/system has a specific frequency. The body responds like an electrical computer system giving biofeedback through quality of muscle response. As we are electromagnetic beings vibrating at various frequencies, we can muscle test to determine if particular nutritional substance will have a positive effect on various bodily systems. The goal is to allow the cells/organs/systems to perform at the healthiest level possible by maximizes energy flow through nutrition.

For example, when an organ sets sick the resonance changes and imbalances occur leading to energy blockages. By muscle testing, we have a biofeedback mechanism that can identify these blockages and imbalances. By introducing a remedy, which could be a homeopathic or nutritional supplement, the energy can start to reflow back to the correct frequency which will allow healing to occur. Nutritional testing is an excellent way of cleansing, rebuilding, and maintaining your health.