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With the latest technology and with our expert chiropractors we are able to provide measurable steps to your return to work/sport. Searching for the best chiropractors near me? You’re in the right place.

Testimonials for Dr. Aleem Remtulla
I first came to see Dr. Remtulla for back, hip, and wrist issues. Since the treatments, I've noticed multiple improvements such as decrease in pain in my back and hips, and much less tingling in my wrists and hands. The chiropractic treatments last and each one builds on the previous ones. My experience with more traditional chiropractors has been that I would go out of alignment again and again.
Testimonials for Dr. Aleem Remtulla
I've had a fantastic experience at this clinic with multiple practitioners. I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Aleem Remtulla on the chiropractic front, and with Alia for RMT work. The clinic is a warm and welcoming environment and the way they approach your whatever journey of health or healing you are on is built on sound foundations and addressing root causes.
Testimonials for Dr. Linda Drake
My back that I could ever thought could be related to my pain. The relief was immediate! At this same night I could sleep well again and no sign of the pain I had in the past week. I’m incredibly grateful and impressed with her technique, knowledge and more important how relax she was able to make me feel during and after the session. Thank so much Dr. Drake. She is the best Chiropractor in Vancouver.
Jana Simon
Testimonials for Dr. Linda Drake
I am feeling now ! My legs do not feel like concrete and I am walking so much better and with much less pain. Thanks to you! You are an amazing person. Every time I am walking I think about you what you did in four hours of work on my body. I spend hours and hours in physical therapy and I did not have a result like you did in hotel room. One more time - THANK YOU!!
Zdenek Kucera

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25 Chiro Visits

First visit free and $54 coverage for subsequent visits

12 RMT/Massage Visits

First visit free and $86 coverage for subsequent visits

12 Active Rehab visits

First visit free and $84 coverage for subsequent visits

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Our Specialties



Cold Laser (Low Level Laser)

Cold Laser
(Low Level Laser)

Myofascial Percussor

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue

Instrument Assisted
Soft Tissue


Trigenics Service

Trigenics Myoneural Medicine is a revolutionary neuromanual assessment and treatment system. It is a safe and non-forceful technique used by our chiropractors which..

Trigenics Myoneural Medicine is a revolutionary neuro manual assessment and chiropractic treatment system.
It is a safe and non-forceful technique used by our chiropractors which..

Trigenics is different from manual treatments such as traditional chiropractic, massage, and physiotherapy in that Trigenics combines functional neurology with manual medicine. For this reason, Trigenics is referred to as “the missing element” of total-body care.

Adjustor Service

The adjuster is a hand-held instrument that delivers a high-speed but gentle impulse to improve neurological performance by pulsing at up to 12 cycles per second.

Create rapid relief of muscle and joint dysfunction, resolution of pain and poor movement, and increase proper nerve communication

In the adjuster service, our clinicians deliver a gentle and specific adjustment to the spine, extremities, and cranium to create rapid relief of muscle and joint dysfunction, resolution of pain, poor movement, and increase proper nerve communication.

Cold Laser Service

Cutting Edge Technology

Lasers have long been used in the world of healthcare and were traditionally known as a surgical precision instrument used to pierce through the skin and cauterize wounds. But with the evolution of cold laser technology, patients can experience the benefits of laser treatment without the pain and tissue damage typically associated with traditional laser use.
Low-level lasers are designed to operate at a low wavelength and intensity to provide an array of healing benefits such as:

Myofascial Percussor Service

Percussor Service

Too much or too little motion, and repetitive exercise can cause Myofascial adhesions and scar tissue. The build-up of these adhesions and scar tissue alters the body’s mechanics and are a key contributor to pain and muscle soreness.

There are multiple soft tissue therapies that chiropractors use to treat these kinds of conditions. One very valuable modality is the Percussor.

The Percussor applies a wide range of vibration and pressure by the practioner to smooth out such issues and break up scar tissue to restore the muscle and fascia back to its functional form. With the use of this tool, our clients can experience:

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Service

Instrument Assisted
Soft Tissue Service

Effectively break down fascial restrictions with chiropractic treatment in Vancouver

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation allows clinicians to efficiently locate and treat soft tissue (muscular/tendons) dysfunctions. It is performed using an ergonomically designed stainless steel tool with specific “edges” to treat almost any part of the body. This instrument detects and treats fascial restrictions, encourages rapid localisation and treatment of soft tissue fibrosis, inflammation, and/or degeneration.

Why Us?

Most of our patients have already tried many approaches and treatment for their condition. Because of our integrative approach, we are frequently told by patients that only we have made a real difference in their health after they had given up hope of living a pain free life.

Concussion Service

As such, this further emphasises the importance having trained specialists assess you or your child after sustaining a concussion.

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We schedule adequate time to discuss your concerns and answer your questions. At our clinic we try our hardest to stay on schedule so you don’t experience prolonged waits.

Shoulder Pain

Slip And Fall

Knee Pain

Neck Pain

Sports Injury

Hip Pain

Back Pain

Motor Vehicle Accident


Dr. Aleem Remtulla, B.Sc

Chiropractor, Concussion Management, Baseline Testing

I was born and raised in North Vancouver and grew up playing and loving many sports, especially hockey. This interest in sports always pushed me to become a more improved athlete through conditioning and rehabilitation to keep my body in optimal condition. With my educational interests mainly in science, I moved up North to Prince George, BC to obtain my Bachelors of Science Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). While studying at UNBC, I continued to participate in many sports such as hockey, volleyball, badminton, squash, and tennis, which I still actively partake in today. This reserved my interest in the science of the human body. As a focused student I began to think about my future prospects; however, was still unsure as to which occupation could combine my passion for overall health and wellness.


Chiropractor, Concussion Management, Baseline Testing
From a very young age, I knew I wanted to be in the health field. My Mom was disabled as a teenager; however, she never let it stop her from doing what she wanted to do – curling, tennis and hiking – even though it resulted in some degree of pain. Her life demonstrated that disabilities can be overcome with strength and humour and I have taken her example to heart. I chose chiropractic as a profession as it is both a science and an art, which has allowed me to utilize both my intellect and my creative side. I graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1983, opening a practice both in North Vancouver with Dr. Russ Manson and my own practice in Whistler which I ran from 1983-1988. Long hours and the stress of commuting took its toll on my hands and I decided to take a well deserved rest. Dr. James Leigh took over my practice at this time and “while resting,” nature took its course and our first child, Riva was born.

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