Testimonials for Laser Allergy Relief

I have suffered from environmental allergies all my life (50+ years). On occasion, I have become very ill due to these allergies and have been prescribed various antibiotics to deal with bronchitis and sinusitis. Due to many years of prescriptions, I am now allergic to many of the drugs. This makes life difficult when suffering from sinus infections or other illness that need antibiotics. I also would take various antihistamines to help with sinus issues brought on by allergic reactions. I would usually start consuming antihistamines in April and not stop until November.

Four years ago I had sinus surgery to remove polyps and hopefully return sense of smell that was lost over two years prior. I felt wonderful after surgery. I was able to breathe through my nose again!! My sense of smell came back. This only lasted for a year. Then all the symptoms came back- snoring, mouth breathing, loss of smell - too many really to list. Then I started to get sick with repeated sinusitis and bronchitis. Many prescriptions were prescribed and consumed, to little change in my symptoms.

After repeated visits, my family doctor suggested that we get to the heart of my illness, that was due to allergies, rather than keep prescribing medications. He suggested that I should see to Dr. Linda Drake for her new computerized laser allergy laser treatment.

After the second visit with Dr. Drake, my husband and I could not believe the difference in my health. I could breathe through my nose and I didn’t snore. I was able to sleep better. I was able to return to fitness class. I felt like a million bucks!! After a couple of visits with Dr. Drake my symptoms subsided and I felt so much better.

What surprises me most after the laser allergy treatment is that I can breathe so well, without having to endure sinus surgery!!

I am so thankful that my family doctor recommended Dr. Drake. I no longer suffer bronchitis or
sinusitis. I have recommended allergy laser treatment to many friends and family. Dr. Drake has
brought my health back!!

Anne Alexandre
Surrey, BC
November 17 th , 2017

Cat Allergies

We’d gotten a hypoallergenic cat, which turned out to still activate my allergies. After discussing alternatives, my wife Tannis suggested meeting with Dr. Linda. I was skeptical at first, as this technique is not a traditional approach.

After consultation with Dr. Linda, I decided to do the 13 visit protocol as she explained that it was likely that my system was overly active and inflamed not only from the cat, but from environmental, household, and other exposures that I do not have any control over.

My allergies with our cat have been greatly reduced; I still have occasional mild symptoms but nothing compared to what they have been. I’ve also noticed a significant reduction in other reactions, specifically when exposed to other animals. Historically, I’d have to rely on my inhaler and antihistamines to get through visits at my fathers’ and in-laws’ place(s), but I do not need to use either now.

Martin Hendriks

January 2016

I'm allergic to cats, pollen, grass, and trees. I've also had a lot of digestive problems throughout my life. I have two cats and I can barely be around them without going into a sneezing fit and if I touch them I have to wash my hands immediately or I'll break out into hives and my throat gets itchy and swells. After I started the treatments I've noticed that my digestive problems have pretty much disappeared! I'm noticing that I'm not reacting as bad as I used to with my cats and I can finally pick them up and not have a huge reaction! For once I'm looking forward to spring and actually being able to enjoy the outdoors!

Taylor Swant
North Vancouver
Feb 2015

I have been a patient of Dr. Linda Drake’s and The Foundation for Integrated Health for approximately 3 years. Dr. Drake has done wonders for my overall health and body pain as well as my husbands using her special brand of body therapies, cold laser and Trigenics neuromuscular therapy. However, when she told me about the Laser Body Balance I was intrigued.... as I have many sensitivities - to the environment, to electromagnetic frequency (cell phones, computers) and to many food products.

Let me tell you what happened after the first treatment….. my sinus headache and pressure was almost gone by the end of the first treatment.I have had better sleep, with less hours and am waking up with more energy and alertness. My overall appetite is reduced – I was down 2 lbs the next morning and down 4 lbs after 4 days.

Most unusual for me is to be able to fall asleep in the same room as my cell phone or iPad (on the bed!) which has never happened to me before.

Overall, I have a more calm nature and feel more peaceful in myself.

Thanks for all you do and the wonderful new therapies and techniques that you bring to The Foundation…


Chreanne McLean-Jacobs
August, 2013