Testimonials for Marie Luckhart

For all over well-being, I saw Marie for Reflexology sessions. Not only did she let me travel into lala-land, which was almost like a little vacation, she again gave me tremendous support in all areas of my well-being. I am truly grateful to have stumbled one day into this business and found Marie.


North Vancouver

I did not believe it was instant! After just one reflexology session with Marie I was able to walk without my cane for the first time in months! I highly recommend Reflexology from Marie for anyone with arthritis or recovering from knee surgery.



I was very impressed with the reflexology treatment I received from Marie recently; I received treatment on my ears, hands and feet. I felt a huge improvement by the end of my session. She was knowledgeable, reassuring... as I had never had this treatment before as well as thoroughly explained what each pressure point was and what area of the body it related to. I recommend Maries services to anyone wanting to try reflexology.

Lisa Huppee