The Treatment Protocol

There are 13 specific themes or programs that best assist the patient in reducing inflammation, clearing cellular memory and balancing the body.

  • The first 4 themes or programs work on basic fundamental aspects of the body, allowing for the immune system to receive optimal nutrients, and create a balanced environment for which the immune system, nervous system and endocrine system can communicate.
  • Program 5-10 focus on primary triggers of inflammation.
  • Program 11-12 focus on system balancing.
  • Program 13 recaps all previous themes and makes any adjustments that may be necessary in order to optimize results.

Every program assesses and balances the Digestive System, Immune System, Endocrine System, Lymphatic System, Nervous System, and Organs, as well as Assessing and Balancing Emotions.

Specific Themes of the 13 Visit Program:

  • Program 1: Foods, Emotions, General Systems Scan
  • Program 2​: More foods, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Vitamins
  • Program 3​: DNA / RNA, Artificial Sweeteners, Miasms
  • Program 4​: Fabrics, Anti-Oxidants, Cell Salts, Electrolytes, Essential Fatty Acids, Minerals
  • Program 5​: Food Additives, Household Toxins, Industrial Toxins
  • Program 6​: Physical Agents, Insects, Pollens, Animal Dander, Dust Types, Parasites
  • Program 7​: Fungus, Phenolics
  • Program 8​: Metals, Dental, Phenolics
  • Program 9​: Fungus, Heavy Metals, Pesticides
  • Program 10: ​Sugars, Bacteria, Viruses, Geopathic Stress
  • Program 11: ​Hormones, Phenolics, Radiation
  • Program 12​: Vitamins, Supportive
  • Program 13: ​Review / Rescan of all previous Programs