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I am pleased to announce that after 30 years of working in the health and wellness field, I have found my passion with Reflexology.Over the past decade, I have pursued my education to the level of Master of Reflexology which allows me to provide therapeutic sessions using Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology.

Reflexology is the application of pressure techniques to the hands, feet or ears to stimulate specific reflex areas with the intention of producing a beneficial response in other parts of the body. These techniques stimulate pressure sensors along the body's meridians via the central nervous system, triggering a relaxation response which allows your body to function optimally and begin to heal itself. Reflexology encourages good health, aids the lymphatic system to eliminate accumulated toxins, promotes relaxation, eases pain, helps to prevent dis-ease and generally improves quality of life for everyone from newborn to elderly.

As the saying goes, you're only as old as you feel; and there is nothing like taking positive steps to give you a sense of choice in the aging process. By the very act of seeking to ensure healthy aging you will take control and embrace the concept of working toward optimal well-being. You will know you are on the right track when you utilize the benefits of Reflexology. Research as well as personal success stories demonstrate that Reflexology can create a positive change in the body thus improving the functioning of virtually every organ and therefore making a positive difference in how we age.

Reflexology research shows that reflexology sessions are safe for everyone and achieve positive results, improves body function, and enhances the effectiveness of medication, homeopathy, chiropractic, Reiki, physiotherapy, etc. . Reflexology also aides in recovery from illness or surgery, alleviates pain, migraines, constipation, inflammatory responses and other troublesome symptoms in patients of all ages.

Incorporating regular Reflexology sessions into your everyday life at an early age can bring health benefits many decades into the future. Like any positive move toward better health it is never too late to start!


Marie Luckhart


Foot Hand and Ear Reflexology

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Reflexology Foot or Hand, and Ear - 30mins - $40.00
Reflexology Foot, Hand, and Ear - 60mins - $75.00
Deluxe Reflexology & Spa Treatment (Infared Sauna & EB Footbath) - 110mins - $110.00